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Mac OSX Keyboard Shortcut to Activate/Show Full Screen VM


I have VMWare Fusion 10 (not Pro) for OSX. I prefer my VMs to be in Full Screen mode. When I leave the VM to go back to Mac OSX, the easiest way to activate/show it again seems to be to click on the VMWare Fusion icon in the Dock (or command tab to it) and then double click on the VM in the Virtual Machines window. Is there a way to do this with a Keyboard shortcut? I've seen things that suggest you can, but the options aren't there in Preferences.

The closet I've found is to use the Command Control F shortcut to leave full screen and then again to go back, but that's choppy and unnecessary.

Thanks for any help!

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

This works for me:

o Download and Install Karabiner from https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/

o Launch Karabiner, go to "Misc & Uninstall", find "Custom Setting", click on the "Open private.xml" button

o Use a text editor to edit the private.xml file found in the folder. Copy/Paste the following into the xml file then save:


  <name>Change F19 to Command-Control-F</name>





    KeyCode::F, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L | ModifierFlag::CONTROL_L



o Back to Karabiner, go to "Change key", then click on Reload XML button.

o Check the checkbox "Change F19 to Command-Control-F" that newly appears.

This would allows switching between fullscreen and single window by only pressing F19.

You could redefine using other keys than F19. Note: macOS 10.13.2 seems not have been supported by Karabiner yet.

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