Leave VM running when the window is closed

I'm new to using VMware Fusion. I just installed it about 2 weeks ago. I have been using Parallels since buying my first Intel Mac in 2006. I found out that Parallels Desktop doesn't work properly with Mac VMs anymore. They may very well solve this problem soon, but I couldn't wait, so after testing VMware Fusion for a while, I decided to make the switch to VMware. One of the things I could do with my Mac VMs in Parallels was that I could close the VM window, and keep the Mac VM running. This was helpful for two reasons. First, It got the VM out of my way, and second, it allowed me to close the VM but still allow it to continue the shut down process. With VMware, I have to minimize the VM window while it shuts down. That's annoying. How can I keep the VM running with the window closed? I don't want it to suspend. I prefer to boot up my VMs fresh rather than resume from a suspended session. Thanks for helping!

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