Last Fusion 11.5.5 made windows 10 not accessing USB3 external HDD

As per title, after update to 11.5.5 (and update of VM tools to 11.0.6) on my iMac OS Catalina (every software updated) some external HDD where not accessible in windows 10 despite you hear the sound of a device plugin in. Noneteless, windows cannot recognise the device as Mass Storage and highlight an issue that trouble shooter cannot solve. However, the drives work perfectly in the iMac


- have to Win10 VM and it happen with both

- it only happens with recent HDD ( a 4 tb and then a 6Tb that I bought because I thought the issue was with the HDD) that are USB3, while an old WD Passport USB 2 had no issue and could be seen by the windows VMs.

- I tried every possible update of drivers, trouble shooting of this forum (or others) and update of VM tools.

At the end the only things that works is to roll back to Fusion 11.5.3, which package I still had luckilly. I will skip 11.5.5 until next upgrade hoping they do not fail again.

Now shall I send VMWare the invoice of the extra HDD that I bought for nothing because the but is WITH FUSION ?????? It is systematically now that every new version has regressions bugs.

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