Kubuntu vm unusable after kubuntu update

VMware Fusion 12.2.3
Kubuntu 21.04

  1. Check for updates via Discover
  2. install all update

Low Disk Space warning shown: Your Home folder is running out of disk space, you have 0 MiB remaining.

Ok great - we know what the problem is. Recover from a backup of the vm. Shut down vm. Open vm Settings > Hard Disk. Disk size is at 20GB. Increase to 40GB and click Apply: Virtual disk resized successfully. Use the disk maintenance tools in your guest operating system to resized or create partitions to fill the available space.

Well, a link to a KB article with some details would have been splendid. stackoverflow to the rescue:

Nice we are going back to vmware now: "If you are running a file system other then ext3, you may need to research an alternative way of accomplishing this. Reiser has its own tool for accomplishing this, GParted Live CD is another popular tool for this."

Great, vm runs on ext4 - now what? Lets go with

sudo apt-get install gparted
That gives us gparted. Oh wait "Partitions can’t be modified while they’re in use" which would exlpain why is not working and the unallocated space cannot be allocated to the existing partition.
Any clues how to proceed? Most solutions talk about creating bootable CDs. I am sorry, we now have 2022 and I have not used CDs for a very long time.
Thought maybe creating a new vm will be easier than dealing with those unsolved issues. Turns out, vmware fusion again defaulting to 20GB of diskspace and no apparent way to change this during setup.
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There is a bootable version of gparted available that eliminates the need to create your own bootable cd. Check and look for their live CD.

Issues like this are why you might want to use LVM instead of raw partitions.

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