Issue with VMware Fusion used w/ Home on another partition/multiple OS X partitions

I have been using VMware Fusion for some time now, and discovered an issue with it when used with a Home directory on a partition other than the boot partition. Anyway, if your home directory is a symbolic link to another partition, Fusion tends to get confused and create two VM library entries for any newly-created VMs - one for the symbolic-linked path, and one for the actual path on another partition. Erasing all VM library entries and restarting Fusion gets rid of these duplicates.

Additionally, if the VMs are being shared between multiple copies of the OS, even on the same machine, I always get a message that the VM has been moved when I use the VM on one Mac OS X partition after having used it last with the other partition.

Could these issues be investigated? Certainly there are workarounds, but they are annoying...

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