Is there a guide for static ip networking while not connected to a network


I'm a software developer that travels a lot and I'm looking to create an virtual network, with static IPs, between my linux VMs and Macbook so that I do not need to be connected to a network and have a connection.  I'm new to VMware Fusion and haven't had much luck finding a document that explains everything I need to get this setup.  From what I've read, this can only be done by modifying config files but these "how to's" reference scripts that are not included with my installation of Fusion v3.1.3.

I'm not sure what the proper network configuration should be, but I believe I want 2 interfaces in each VM.  One bridged or NAT connection for the VM to reach the internet, if my macbook is connected to the internet, and another interface to communicate with my Mac, regardless of my macbook's network connections.

Does anyone know of a guide that could help me?


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The way I see it the easiest way to do what you want would be to use NAT networking for your VM's

The IP address of your host machine is static, the interfaces are called vmnet1 and vmnet8. All that would be left to do once you have configured the virtual machines to use static IP's from within the VM's themselves.

There shouldn't be any need to mess around with config files. If you have internet then the host NAT's your VM's and they get connectivity. If you don't have internet (cause you're trying to work at the local underground rave party????) then the VM's don't get internet but they can still ping and connect to your host.




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