Is Windows 7 looking good on a Mac Retina display with VMware Fusion ?

I have a Macbook Pro laptop with 17 inch display. I use it with Fusion 5 and Windows XP for developing. 

But I will change the Mac to a new computer this year.

I will also start using Windows 7 as guest.

So Mac or PC ???

I really like the Mac but my main concern the text size.

It is a pity that biggest screen is 15 inch. I want to stay with 17.

Anyway currently I can choose from Retina or non-retina display.

Retina means higher resolution and smaller text if scaling don't works well.

How is scaling working in Windows 7 as guest in VMware Fusion ?

I fear that Windows 7 scaling is far from perfect.

is there any tests on internet with this configuration ?

Any comments ?

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