Installion of VMWare Fusion 11.5.7 had bad permissions

Installing the update of VMWare Fusion causes several Python 2.7 files to be recompiled and installed.  This is good.

What is NOT good is that all those *.pyc files are installed with permissions 0000!.  This means that those files are unwritable and unreadable by anyone!  This is terrible QA.  Did anyone look at the files that the installer is setting up on the system?  This locks out the compiled python file from other users of python on the system and is a terrible trashing of the OS by VMWare.

Example file of about the 75 files or so that are badly installed:

Note that since my support has expired there is no way to send these problems to VMWare other than bitching about it in the forums.  This is a terrible way to improve a product.  But possibly it is corporate policy to put their fingers in their collective ears to hear about issues with their products.

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