Initial window size with Retina and Ubuntu 18 scale at 200%

Hi Fusion Community,

I recently switch from PC to Mac, long story short, Fusion was a better solution so I got a license.

Currently using Fusion 10.1.2 (8502123) on macOS 10.13.5

I use Ubuntu 18 LTS, running open-vm-tools 2:10.2.0-3ubuntu3 with the following settings:

  • Enable Full resolution for Retina Display in VM settings
  • The Scaling in Ubuntu Desktop Config Display is 200%

Everything works well except every time I start the VM the initial window size is very small.

Scretching it once loaded resolve the problem, the resolution changes in the VM and all is good.

But is there any way I can get an initial window size larger, either tweaking within the VM or in the host?

This is how it looks like in video, note the size of the VM toolbar vs the size of the window.

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