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Import an existing PC or create a new virtual machine

Making the move from Windows to Mac - trying to determine if I want to create a new virtual windows machine and bring select files over or if it makes more sense to import the entire PC - would appreciate some insights/wisdom

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Hello and welcome to the forums.

When rebuilding just about any Windows box (desktop or server variety), I always prefer to build new. Its probably just mental, but they just seem to run better. Plus, its a great way to get rid of all the build-up of useless software and other "things" that seem to accumulate as systems age. You also avoid moving all the vendor-specific (and now useless) applications, if you build a new virtual machine.

The big question is - how much do you have to move and how much work is it going to be, and will it be worth it? If you just have files and aren't worried about losing programs (that maybe you lost license keys for, etc) then the fresh install would be my vote.

Good Luck!

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The thing is if you import the windows PC, I'm going to assume that it is a dell/hp/etc made PC, correct? If it is they use OEM windows copies which will not treat you kindly when you p2v your PC. The license is tied to the hardware it was installed on (physical pc) and then when you finish the p2v and you have all new "hardware" it'll prompt for a re-activation which will deny you and void out the key. We tired to do that at our office as a DR/backup solution if we had a PC go down and we nulled out a couple key codes in the process. Luckily we gave Dell a hard enough time and they issued us new keycodes for those boxes but still not something you want to do deal with.

Building out a fresh VM would probably be the best way, allows you to copy over what you want and leave what you dont. Overall they seem to just run better as well.

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