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How to set up NAT port forwarding to host-only VM on SL server?

I already posted this on the Apple Mac OS X Server discussions but I think this is probably the better place.

I am trying to setup NAT in SL Server to redirect http traffic on port

80 to a virtual NIC of a host-only VMWare Fusion VM. The SL Server is

behind a router firewall that forwards the traffic on port 80 to it on

ip address, which the SL Servers NAT should then route to

the VM with ip The connection between Host and Guest OS

is through a virtual network adapter VMNet1. Firewall has been opened

on port 80 in both systems to the corresponding subnets. It is possible

to connect from the host to the guest VM by addressing

but addressing doesn't forward the request to the of the guest. The /etc/nat/natd.plist redirect_port settings is as

















Is it at all possible to make the NAT port forward to a virtual network device in this way? My aim is to sandbox the guest so that only requests can come in on port 80 but the guest should not be able to access anything outside its own subnet such as the hosts public ip.

I use Fusion 3.0.1.

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