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Horrible audio input quality in guest OS

Hi all, I'm running Fusion 12.1.1 on Big Sur 11.2.3. I need to be able to do higher quality video conferences from guest OS's (due to security concerns about having the popular conference software packages on my host Mac OS) but have been running into universally horrible audio issues on the microphone/input side regardless of guest OS and regardless of input source.  I see from some other posts that others have had this issue in years past, but nothing since 2019 I could find.

My hardware is Mac Mini with LG 5k display (which has a bad webcam, speakers and microphone), and I have a Logitech Brio 4k cam on a USB 3.1 port of the Mini.

Guest OS's I've tried include:

  • Fedora 33 Workstation / kernel 5.11.13-200.fc33
  • Ubuntu 20 LTS
  • Ubuntu 20.10
  • Windows 10 (fresh install with latest patches)

I initially had mediocre video performance on the linux side, and lack of 4k or the more advanced features of the cam on the Windows side, so I added the Fusion option "vusbcamera.passthrough = "TRUE"" to let the guest OS's see the camera natively.  All guest OS's have been set to use USB 3.1.  The Fusion sound card settings have been set to "System Default".  In this configuration, the cam works fantastic for video input.  Audio output works great whether I choose to let the sound go through my LG display or Airpods, where the Mac decides, not Fusion or the guest.

Audio input is horrid; very choppy and barely intelligible.  This issue occurs whether I let the guest OS receive the audio via the Fusion sound card emulation (which means either my LG display's mic or my Airpods on the host side), but also the same with the USB3 Logitech cam's mic that the guest OS has direct access to.

Any ideas?

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