Has OpenGL guest OS support disappeared?

I've been running a MaxOS 10.14 guest on my 10.15 Catalina system so that I can run a 32 bit application that uses OpenGL ever since I moved to Catalina.

With the latest MacOS update (10.15.3) and VM Fusion update (11.5.1) the application can no longer detect OpenGL and quits.

Does anyone know if -

1. Does Fusion rely on the host system's OpenGL and just pass graphics calls through?

2. Has Apple finally moved from Depricated to Gone on OpenGL (bad move Apple)?

3. Has Fusion any way of providing OpenGL graphics access to virtual machines without the underlying OS helping out - if Apple pulls OpenGL then what?

Of interest is that my Linux Mint VM (Mint 19.3) seems perfectly happy and has no problem displaying graphics - but then I think Linux uses graphics drivers and a compete OpenGL as needed.

I wonder if Parallels would work since they provide a software video driver of sorts.

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