HELP!!!! Anyone successful in configuring RDP connections to a NAT'd guest VM running on Fusion 12

Hey Fusion Experts,

I have come across various articles, albeit most are pretty dated, around port forwarding 3389 via the NAT.CONF file to get RDP connection to work to a guest VM running on Fusion 12 and Big Sur (11.6).  First, RDP is ENABLED on the guest VM...  Seems the steps I found were pretty straight whereby I added the following line to the "incomingtcp" section of the NAT.CONF file: 3389 = (below is copied directly from my nat.conf file).  Ahead of making and saving the conf file change, I shut down my guest VM and closed Fusion.  Thereafter, I restarted Fusion and spun up the guest VM.  Tried to connect via RDP and fails.  Is there something I am missing?  Maybe a firewall change or some other port forwarding step.  Any step-by-step instructions would be much appreciated.


# Use these with care - anyone can enter into your VM through these...

# The format and example are as follows:

#<external port number> = <VM's IP address>:<VM's port number>

#8080 =

3389 =




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