Guest boot delay

I am running a QNX guest that does not have the vm tools.

After upgrading to Big Sur and Fusion 12, there is about a two minute delay at boot that was not present before upgrading.


2021-05-04T13:50:29.887-04:00| vcpu-0| I005: VMXNET3 user: Ethernet0 Driver Info: version = 65536 gosBits = 2 gosType = 4, gosVer = 0, gosMisc = 0
2021-05-04T13:50:29.887-04:00| vcpu-0| I005: VMXNET3 user: Activate request succeeds for device 0.
2021-05-04T13:50:29.983-04:00| vthread-3744369| I005: VTHREAD 123145568587776 "vthread-3744369" tid 3744369
2021-05-04T13:50:29.983-04:00| vthread-3744370| I005: VTHREAD 123145569124352 "vthread-3744370" tid 3744370
2021-05-04T13:51:54.148-04:00| vmx| I005: GuestRpcSendTimedOut: message to toolbox timed out.
2021-05-04T13:51:54.148-04:00| vmx| I005: Vix: [guestCommands.c:1942]: Error VIX_E_TOOLS_NOT_RUNNING in VMAutomationTranslateGuestRpcError(): VMware Tools are not running in the guest

I believe the culprit is the RpcSendTimedOut.

Is there something I can add the the configuration to avoid this delay? 


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