Fusion on Big Sur - no internet in any network mode


I have Fusion 12.1 running on Big Sur 11.1 and none of my VMs (Windows 10 / Windows 2019) do not have internet connection in any network mode. I have updated my mac from Catalina where everything was working just fine.

I've seen other forum entries about having no internet issues with NAT mode and with VPNs, but in my case internet is not available despite whatever I have enabled / configured - as mentioned it doesn't work in any network mode and when my VPN connections all are turned off.

After I upgraded to Big Sur, on first start I saw the same issue but I think that at that point I had NAT mode (not entirely sure), but once changed to bridged it was working for some time.

Over this period I have added / updated multiple VPN clients / connections on my mac. I have Cisco AnyConnect (there are 3 entries in network list from Cisco), CheckPoint VPN (1 entry in network list) and 2 built in L2TP VPN connections. I noticed problems after I created another built in L2TP VPN connection, but even if I removed it the problem with no internet was still there.

Also, I tested this with Parallels and on first try it failed with some error about network adapter, but then on their forums there was a suggestion to change some parameter which triggered "system extension blocked" message. After I enabled it, network (and internet) in Paralles guest VM was working as expected.

But I'm more fond of using Fusion, so I would like to avoid switching to Parallels. But while this is not fixed in Fusion, it seems that there is no other choice.



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