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Fusion is not working on my Mac laptop

Why my VMware workstation not working on my Mac laptop ?.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

You said "Fusion" in the subject but "Workstation" in the body of your message.

If you are trying to run VMware Workstation on a Mac, that won't get you anywhere. Workstation is a Windows/Linux product and cannot run on macOS. Fusion is the corresponding product for Macs.

Assuming you are trying to run VMware Fusion and it is not working, you will need to provide more details before anyone can answer your question.

  • Which Mac laptop model do you have (model family and year, processor type; also useful to mention details like number of processor cores, amount of memory and available storage).
  • Which macOS version is running on the Mac?
  • Which version of VMware Fusion are you trying to run?
  • Do you have a suitable licence for VMware Fusion? (Free personal use licence, free trial, or purchased a commercial licence.)
  • What are the symptoms of it "not working" and at what point in the process (installing Fusion, running Fusion, trying to create a VM, or trying to use a VM you have already created)? If there are any error messages they may be helpful.
  • If the problem involves a particular VM then it is also important to note the operating system you are trying to install or run in the VM, and the platform architecture of that operating system (x86 or ARM).




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