Fusion crashes when starting default VM

I'm running VMware Fusion (version 8.5.3) in macOS Sierra (version

10.12.2) with a single Linux VM.

This setup runs fine as long as I start the VM manually (by clicking on

it), but it crashes without fail when I select the VM as the default to

start whenever Fusion is started. The crash happens just after the GRUB

boot manager page shows, so even before Linux itself is booted.

This is a minor inconvenience that I can live with and that I'm sure

will be fixed in a future release of Fusion.

Meanwhile, recovering from the crash is not straightforward because

deselecting the default VM must be done in a running Fusion, not a

crashed one. This is how you do that:

1. Delete all .lck files and folders from the directory where the VM is


2. Delete the file com.vmware.fusion.plist from the              

/User/<username>/Library/Preferences folder (where the actual

username should be substituted.           

Fusion will now restart as per regular and recreate that .plist in the

process without reference to the default VM.


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