Fusion Tech Preview on OS X 10.11 - running guests breaks Finder

Running the VMWare Tech Preview on OS X El Capitan, using it to host a mixture of guests - Oracle Linux 6, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012.  Having booted up and used windows guests that have the Default VMWare tools installed, issues appear with El Capitan Finder.  Exampes:

  • Copy/Paste between guest and host, and between host-only apps, stops working.
  • Right click on file > Open With - the list never populates.
  • Preview ceases to work
  • File icons disappear.

A reboot fixes these issues, until I start up another windows based guest in Fusion, then the same problems appear.

No idea if the problem is Fusion, OS X or a bit of both so am submitting here in case anyone can help?

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Open with happened in Yesemite DP and now El Capitan.

finder has been glitchy up to DP 6 now... DP5 had file associations all jacked up.

as far as copy paste... i make sure to use the appropriate keys for the os i'm in and havnt had a problem. cmd vs ctrl...

Preview crashes here and there when i fly through a pdf...

the issues appear for me given enough time, no guest booted.

Its a preview/beta... in both cases all is expected. but i'd point towards apple for your issues. And the releases on EC have been a bit odd, pretty close together, so i'd say they're working some issues out.

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