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Hello, I running  XP & Win 7 in virtual but never run them at the same time with OSX 10.8.2.  Thinking about getting Win 8 and installing it as a stand alone VM and it will not be running with other VM's open.  I have plenty of HP space and have 12GB of memory.  I was wondering what would be the optimal settings when installing Win8.  How much HD space to allow and how much memory.  I have a late 2009 iMac i5 intel processor.  Since I have Win7Pro I'm thinking about getting a stand alone OEM version of Win8 as opposed to an upgrade.

Thanks for any suggestions.

ps: I run windows mainly for the use of Quicken for Windows and to play around and keep up and current with the OS.


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Please refer

As per the requirements of windows 8, I would suggest the following settings for win 8 vm

CPU   1 or 2

RAM 2 or 4

Hard disc space 30 - 60 GB

Cheers! Avanish
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