Fusion 4 & QuickTime error -2002


I'm a mac developer, using Fusion 3 when I need to do some Windows work, with great success so far.

I recently experienced the Fusion 4 trial with one of my virtual machines running Windows 7, everything was running absolutely fine, everything except one thing : QuickTime Player refuses to open about 1/5 of the movies files I'm working with (all are H.264 produced by me, for the product I'm working on) with an error code -2002. I googled for this and that error seems quite common on Vista+, with no solution when it happens.

I then downgraded to Fusion 3 and everything works fine under it, QuickTime (Player or my app built with the SDK) opening 100% of my movie files without error.

I'm thinking that a hardware emulation difference between versions 3 and 4 could explain that behavior, does anyone have a clue on that ?



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