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Fedora11 64 bit and Fusion 3.01 update window weirdness

I have just updated to 3.01 and have gone thru updating my vm's. After

updating my Fedora11 vm and installing the new Vmware tools I have come

across this weirdness.

When I change the size of the vm's window, either changing screen size in the vm

or or by resizing by dragging a corner, I have this strange situation. All the desktop

items remain the same size and when I open an application, text in the title bar

is appropriately sized. But the menubar and anything else displayed inside the window

becomes enlarged. It seems like the desktop manager (KDE) gets the screen size

change but the applications inside the windows do not. This weirdness remains

even with rebooting with the new resolutions. Anyone have an idea of what may be

going on. This didn't happen with 3.0.

I updated a Fedora9 vm, and all behaves as expected. My XP vm's

and my Windows7 vm also have no issues.

I do realize that Fedora is not officially supported.

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