Exporting VM "Failed to open file"


I am running Fusion 12.1.2 (17964953) on macOS Big Sur 11.4.

Having Shutdown my VM I am simply trying to export via File > Export to OVF... option but get error: "Failed to open file: /Users/<myuser>/Virtual Machines.localized/<Name of VM>/vmwarevm/"

The machine starts and runs as expected.

I have tried ovftool but get the same:

  VMware OVF Tool ./ovftool --acceptAllEulas /Users/<myname>/Virtual\ Machines.localized/VMNAME.vmwarevm/VMNAME.vmx /Users/<myname>/Downloads/test

Opening VMX source: /Users/...../VMNAME.vmx

Error: Failed to open file: /Users/....../VMNAME.vmwarevm/

Completed with errors


Any suggestions please?

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