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Don't working Encryption in VMware 13 (mac)

Hello guys,

I installed new version VMware Fusion 13 for my Macbook.

Early I used VMware Fusion 11 and when I using encryption, before starting machine I saw window with entering password.

And now, when I installed new version and create new virtual machine I don't see secure window. 

Virtual machine starting without entering password. 

I checked all setting again and I am making all from this instruction

but again when I started VMware and run virtual machine, it's working without password.

I am attaching screen with Encryption window:


And screen with staring window


Please help me 🤝



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Your VM is still encrypted. What you are seeing is a change in behavior for Fusion 13.

Fusion 13 will automatically unlock an encrypted VM if you have chosen to store its password in your Keychain. I believe that earlier versions would just offer to store the password in the keychain but not automatically unlock the VM for you. 

If you don't want the auto-unlock to happen, then change the password and don't opt to have Fusion remember the password for you in the password change dialog. That puts the onus on you to remember the password. 

Transferring the VM to another machine or another user on the same machinewould require them to know the password of the VM info order to unlock it. They don't have access to your keychain to provide the password automatically. 

This post really belongs in the Fusion forums, not the Workstation forums. I'll ask a moderator to move it to the correct forum. 


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