Does hard disk format effect virtual machine speed?

I just imported my Boot Camp Windows XP Pro installation into a Fusion   xxxxxx.vmwarevm file.   Currently it is on a disk formatted as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)".   I obviously had the opportunity to format the hard drive to be "Windows NT Filesystem (compressed)" prior to importing the machine.  

My question:   Does the destination disk format make a difference on the virtual machine speed?   I assume that Windows expects a NTF drive, but Fusion is a Mac application.

I find no guidance about this anywhere???

Any thoughts?   I am using Fusion 3.1.3.


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You did it right. The data on your Boot Camp partition has been copied into a file on your Mac as xxxxx.vmdk. This file is a regular Mac file on your regular Mac HFS+ partition, but what's *within* that file is the image of an NTFS volume. Since Mac OS X out of the box doesn't write NTFS partitions (it sees them read-only, unless this has changed since I last checked), this is essentially the only way to do it, and it does not make things slow.  Your XP Pro VM sees what it expects.