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Date/Time and time-zone difference between Mac host and Windows guest

We have a 60 user office running iMacs with VMware Fusion instances of Windows 7 Pro.
There's a Document Management System (DMS) they use for legal matters.  When an email is dragged from Outlook: For Mac to the Mac desktop and then onto the DMS application, it is being imported with an 11 hour time difference.

On the MacOS side, the time might be 10.15am 30 March 2016 with time-zone set as GMT+11.  On the Windows side in the VMware Fusion instance the time will also be 10.15am 30 March 2016 with time-zone set as Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney AEDST (GMT+11).  But the filed email when imported will be named "29.03.16 23:15 - Email to John Doe re. Purchase of Property" (based on the application's ability to auto-name an import using [dd.mm.yy hh:MM] - Email to [recipient] re. [subject]).

I know it could be a DMS application issue and have the developers looking into it, but I came across this article on the VMTN forums (Time sync issue - Win7 VM, Fusion 6.0.2, OS X 10.9.2) which makes me think our office might have a similar issue.
What backs up my suspicion is that I have two iMacs configured with BootCamp and booting into a pure Windows 7 Pro environment and using Outlook and the DMS and they don't have the issue at all.

Can anyone help me get to the bottom of this problem and whether disabling Time Synchronisation completely (as per Page 21 of https://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/Timekeeping-In-VirtualMachines.pdf) and using the Windows network's Group Policy and a w32Time server would fix the problem.  Right now I have a feeling the VM's are using both time sync and a GPO but haven't had a chance to remotely log on to one of their systems to confirm.

Thanks in advance.

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