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Copy files to NTFS USB external hard disk

I have an XP vm open, and a USB hdd (NTFS) connected to it... works great.

Then I go into Unity mode, where I can now copy files/folders to the drive... it


So, at this point I have:

-one window open in my XP to my USB hdd (destination), and...

-another window in OSX pointing to the folders that I want to copy (source).

-in Unity mode (so both are visable and usable)

-it works (I can copy files from OSX to an NTFS drive (thanks VmWare!!!))


Part way through some of the folders, during copy, it pops up with an error:

You have attempted to copy one or more symbolic links to a guest OS that can not accept it.

This may be because the guest's file system does not support symbolic links or because you have not updated VMware tools. Aborting the copy operation. (ok)

I'm not even sure what a symbolic link is, but I'm assuming it's a pointer to another folder or file somewhere else on the disk.

Is there a way to have it "skip" the symbolic links, or to somehow just copy the links?

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