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Copy Boot Camp partition to another drive


I've tried searching for an answer to this question, but, although there seems to be similar questions, none are exactly the same.

Some background information:

Had a G4 Tower, bought a mini and Parallels. Hooked up the G4 and mini on a simple network; they share keyboard, mouse and video through a Belkin KVM switch, which works very well.

Installed Boot Camp and XP. Everything ran perfectly. Installed Parallels, and started having problems (it's been so long, I can't remember exactly what, but I do remember that one thing I disliked was that the Parallels network stuff was still there after an uninstall.

Heard about VMWare Fusion, downloaded it, and everything worked fine. I could run OSX on a PPC, on an Intel or XP on a Mac - either by itself, or at the same time as OSX.

Boot Camp 1.2 came out, and I upgraded. Big mistake! Seemed to work OK, but then tried to run VM Ware Fusion from it, and ran into problems. It started XP OK, but then, very quickly, flashed a bright blue screen with printing on it - os fast, that I have never been able to see what it says. Reboots, and wants to check the disk. Sometimes fixes problems, other times everything's OK. But, once it gets to XP, the whole blue screen, reboot process occurs.

So, I booted into Boot Camp, and had no cursor, mouse or keyboard. If I plugged a mouse/keyboard into the mini directly (instead of through the KVM), everything was fine.

But VMWare still does not work.

So, here is what I wanted to do: Copy the Boot Camp system to an external drive, and have VMWare run it from there. The reason is that I have several programs installed that I do not wish to download and install again, if at all possible.

Is this possible?

Sorry for the long ramblings, but I thought I might be better understood if you had background info.

Thanks for any help!

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