Connecting an old iOmega StorCenter to VMWare Fusion

I have an old iOmega StorCenter. It works just fine but in the Mac world, it's unreadable. I have it connected to my home network and it's visible on my Mac. Connecting is another issue. I have Windows XP in the VM Fusion for several windoze based programs. Has anyone been able to connect to the StorCenter. Suggestions?

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The iOmega StorCenter is really old (2008 or somewhere there) and the software for that is beyond unsafe and cannot be updated.
Depending on the StorCenter used it was upgradeable to a cloud version of the software, but after that the company got bought and no more updates.

With that out of the way... I don't think that the windows sharing will work well on that.
Perhaps it can be made to work with Windows XP, that used to work, but -again- it is not exactly recommended.

If you want to connect on macOS then I think your best bet would be to use NFS.
Windows XP however does not support NFS.

FTP might be another option (yep, none of the above is without security issues, I would only use it read-only)

The version of APFS that the StorCenter supports probably is too old too.

The best advice I can give is to retire the box, but you might not want to do that (I've got some too, in cold storage.. still want to install something else on it, but they are so underpowered that it isn't very worthwhile to even spent the time)

hope this helps,

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