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Good afternoon,

I currently run macOS Monterrey and installed VMWare 12. I have attempted to install Windows 10 from our MDT servers. When I am going through the process to set it up, under Computer Details, the Computer name exceeds the maximum 15 characters and I am unable to proceed because of this. I have been trying to search online for a way to fix this issue for the past two days but have had no luck, so I have decided to create an account here and ask you, the community, for some assistance. I will also attach a screenshot of this issue. Thank you for all your help. 

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Expect a moderator to move your thread to the Fusion area, since that is the product you are using, now that I have reported it.



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This is an issue with the software you are using to deploy.
It seems to base the Windows name on the GUID of the hardware.

Perhaps you can work around it by creating windows 10 with EFI not BIOS when you setup the VM.

Otherwise the question is for the deployment software's forum.

PS: You can ignore the answers you got from the others except from Scott as those where not relevant to your question. That was a known spammer (same spammer different accounts) which is also why I removed those replies.


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