Can you share a NIC in Fusion? (pre-12)

I'd like to share networking with Fusion similar to what adding a vNIC on VLAN4095 on vSphere would be so all networks that need to be accessed can be configured within the VM and it is not needed to add them to macOS preemptively.

macOS doesn't have the option to add trunks though, only individual VLANs, it's also the only section, I think, in the OS where keyboard navigation doesn't work for some reason making it pretty cumbersome plus I'm sure there might be limits of how many virtual network adapters can be added to a VM, I don't expect them to be many since in vSphere it's only ten.

Can this be done in Fusion? If a trunk cannot be added to the VM or maybe use SRIOV, can the NIC itself be taken away from macOS (like vSphere's PCI passthrough) and maybe give network access back to macOS through the VM through an internal NIC if necessary?

Thanks ! 🙂

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