Bug with auto-hide menu/toolbar with external display

I have an unusual and replicable problem.

1. MacBook Pro 13" (early-2011)

2. Lion 10.7.4

3. VMWare Fusion 4.1.3


When running with an external display (connected via DVI - Mini-DisplayPort), the auto-hide menu and button bar (NOT the Full Screen Minibar) does not come down when VMware is in full screen mode on either the internal display OR the external display.  The Full Screen Minibar does work.

Note that I am talking about separate displays on each screen, not mirrored images.

When disconnected from the display, all functions properly.

This is the weirder thing: if you "Use All Displays in Full Screen", then the menu and Toolbar DO display properly (at least on the internal display).

Anyone else have this issue?

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