3D Acceleration in Big Sur guest breaks Apple Vision

After enabling 3D acceleration in Mac OS 11 Big Sur guest VMs Apple Vision no longer works to do optical character recognition (OCR). I've created a test application in the hopes that a VMWare Fusion engineer will see this and be able to dupe it.

  1. Using a Big Sur host, create a Big Sur VM.
  2. Run the example Apple Vision application (attached) and click "Do OCR". After a few seconds the OCR finishes and you see the resulting text.
  3. Shut down the VM and follow the instructions at to enable 3D acceleration in the VM.
  4. Launch the VM and repeat step 2. RESULT: The OCR doesn't work. Nothing happens.

Is there a workaround besides turning off 3D acceleration. I love how smooth the VM is with it enabled but AppleVision must work for my purpose.

I've put two attachments on this post:

  1. A built test application, zipped. (not sure if the forum will even allow that)
  2. The Xcode project for the application. I'm building with Xcode 12.4 on Big Sur 11.2.2
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