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concern with certification VCP-DCV 2023, merge accounts?

Hi all,

I'm very concerned, this is what happened.

Last year I took the "install, configure and Manage V7" for the VCP-DCV 2023 certification but it was registered under my company's email/profile.

Then last Tuesday  I took the exam and passed successfully but It was registered under my personal email/account.

Basically the course and the exam are under different accounts so I have "not met the requirements" therefore I have not received my certificate and badge.

I opened a case with eduoperations@vmware.com explaining the situation but no answer so far.

How can I merge my 2 accounts so I meet the requirements to get the cert or what can I do???

I need a solution please as I have to present the cert to my managers asap.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi @Oscarsa, It looks like you will have to merge the accounts to get the cert credit as it requires an authorized course as a pre-req.

Write to certification@vmware.com and they will help you with the merge. 

This is clearly highlighted in the document in the below link. Look at page 4, Question : I have multiple accounts. How do I have them merged?



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