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Who manages the Vmware content on e-academy?

I'm trying to find someone to ask the following question and hope this posting will help.

I see that VMware vCloud Director is available for faculty staff (I am) and I wanted to evaluate it over more than a 30 day period. After downloading and installing it I see that it requires vShield Manager which is not available from the e-academy site.

So my question is will vShield Manager be added to the e-academy site?

Maybe I've got this wrong and it's not required but I've read the requirements of vCloud Director 1.0 and it states "Each Cloud Director cluster requires access to a vShield Manager host, which provides network services to the Cloud. Install and configure vShield Manager before you begin installing Cloud Director."

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Sent you a private email with some info. Not posting it here since it will attract spammers. :smileysilly:

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I've also sent you a private message.



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