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licensing issue expanding a workload domain cluster in stretched configuration

We have a VCF workload domain w01, configured in stretched cluster configuration. each az has 5 hosts, now we want to add 8 hosts on each az, so a total of 13 hosts per az, total 26 hosts on the whole stretched cluster. 

As the first time, we have deployed using one kind of licenses for the vSAN, and also we know that one vSAN cluster can have only one licenses, multiple license is not possible. Now, how can we add the new 8 hosts per az using the newly procured licenses, which is under a different contract ID, different start and expiry date? 

Some saying adding the new vSAN license on SDDC Manager will be sufficient, some saying we need to merge the two licenses (which will be disaster for us, as one license will expire on 2024, new one will expire on 2026). 

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