VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) vSAN with multiple disk groups

After completing VCF bring-up and building the management domain, now its time to add the VI workload domain.

I have three servers with 6 disks each and want to configure them in two disk groups (1 Cache+2 Capacity for each DG).

is that possible using the wizzard of adding new workload cluster without using the VCF API?

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Your best option is to deploy the domain with a single disk group using the UI, if you want to play this even safer you can mark the disks for the second disk group as unavailable or something using esxcli on each host 

Once the bring up is done you can add in your second disk group.

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as far as i know now, vcfdeploy scripts expect no more than two different disk sizes. If not, it will stop on the vsan disk group. the script will use the smallest one for cache the other for data. So 6 disks that are the same size will not work in vcf. What you can do is mark the disks as cache/data beforehand. vcf script will then run.

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