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VIDM Syc with Active Directory with IWA using Script

Hello friends, am looking for a way in which we can use a script to process VIDM Sync with AD . right now the VIDM allows 15 mins, 1 hour, once a day and once a week. right now we are using 15 mins sync, but its not helping.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi @NeoKumar 

Take a look at the PowerShell Module for VMware Validated Solutions which can be installed directly from the Microsoft PS Gallery.

In order to automate some elements of the Identity and Access Management for VMware Cloud Foundation validated solution we needed to develop a number of cmdlets to manage Workspace ONE Access. As part of that work we needed to not only configure Active Directory as a source for Workspace ONE Access but also setting the configuration and trigger the initial sync.

In particular take a look at the following cmdlets which you could use to develop a script for your own use case:

  1. Request-WSAToken -fqdn xint-wsa01.rainpole.io -user admin -pass VMw@re1!
  2. Get-WSADirectory (to obtain the directoryId of the directory you want to sync)
  3. Start-WSADirectorySync -directoryId bd2508e9-56ce-4f59-8315-eb5f9a44a5d7

Let me know how you get on and if you have feedback or find an issues with the PowerShell Module for VMware Validated Solutions you can open an issue in GitHub or even contribute.



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