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In reviewing VMware documentation, there appear to be four VCF 4.x editions: starter, standard,  advanced and enterprise.

Is there any official document or website which documents the ordering sku for each different VCF  edition and identifies its

constituent components?  Specifically what is the difference in the software components in each edition. For example,

VCF Advanced Edition  includes NSX Data Center Advanced,  while VCF Enterprise Edition includes NSX DC Enterprise Plus. I am looking for

the same level of detail for each of the software components included in the VCF editions.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

The current version of this is available on the VCF product page here.

Clicking on the blue "Compare VCF Editions "button will take you to this PDF.

And below that button, are links to each individual product with more details.

For the complete vSphere features, please refer to the vSphere Licensing White Paper.
For the complete NSX Data Center features, please refer to the NSX Datasheet.
For the complete vSAN features, please refer to vSAN Licensing Guide.
For the complete vRealize Network Insight features, please refer to the vRNI Datasheet.
For the complete vRealize Suite features, please refer to vRealize Suite PnP White Paper.

Hope this helps.


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