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VCF 4.0 - Host must have minimum two 10Gig NIC(s). Host does not have any 10G Speed NIC(s).


now that my VCF 4.0 "bringup" has finally succeed I'd like to instantiate "Kubernetes - Workload Management".

My understanding is that such new "Workload Domain" requires additional hosts to be commissioned.

One of the requirements is to have 2x 10Gig NIC available but in my case such port are not physically patched.

Is there any chance to avoid such constraint while I get new cabling done ?

Additionally the VCF 4.0 dictated to use VSAN which required 2x SDD for cache/capacity.

Is this also required for the commissioned hosts ?

I might use different server which comply with 10Gig networking but have 2x HDD in total and one will be used by ESXi OS itself.

Greatly appreciated any comments you might have.



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Q. Is there any chance to avoid such constraint while I get new cabling done ?

A. I would highly recommend waiting until you have the hardware ready before you attempt to commissions hosts, changing the used vmnics post commissioning has no real supported method so better to set yourself up for success from the outset.

Q. Are vSAN disks required for the commissioned hosts ?

A. When you create a Workload Domain in VCF 4.0 you have the ability to choose the primary storage that is used which can be vSAN or NFS, this is essentially done through the process of creating a Network Pool where you get to define the network details for vSAN, NFS and vMotion. vMotion is mandatory but you can choose either/or/both for vSAN and NFS. When you trigger the Host Commissioning process you provide the Network Pool that the ESXi hosts should use and based on the configuration certain validation tasks are performed on the ESXi hosts as part of the commissioning process. If you want to use vSAN then the minimum hardware requirements must be present on the ESXi hosts.

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