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I have a customer that their management domain has already been upgraded to Their entire workload domain is still on They hit the bootbank partition size limitation because all of their workload hosts have 3rd-party (HPe), NSX-T, and vSphere Replication VIBs installed. Due to that, the process for patching is extremely cumbersome - Maintenance Mode, remove NSX-T, remove vSR Agent, reboot, patch, re-install NSX-T, re-configure host for NSX-T, re-install vSR Agent, repeat for by 16+ hosts, multiplied by 7 rounds of patching for ESXi alone. Aside from perhaps best practice of using the SDDC Manager to orchestrate the patching, is there anything really preventing them from patching from 6.7U3 ( directly to 6.7U3Q (, then having SDDC Manager execute the bundles after the fact to internally update the domain's versioning information? Trying to cut out days of that ridiculous process times 6 different versions of patching.

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in this case i would suggest you to open GSS ticket. 

u will have to upgrade the NSX-T and  VC + ESXI directly. once all those are upgraded . Support will fix the SDDC Manager DB to sync up with the version . 


but before u do it directly open a GSS Ticket infrom them and then proceed it. 

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