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VCF 3.10 Stretched Cluster VLAN requirements


I am designing a VCF 3.10 Stretched Cluster infrastructure. VCF 3.10 documentation says that only the Management network needs to be stretched between the the two availability zones:

Prerequisites for Stretching a Cluster

In VCF 4.0 the doc says that Management, Uplink 01, Uplink 02, and Edge Overlay networks in each availability zone must be stretched to facilitate failover of the NSX-T Edge appliances between availability zones:

Stretched Cluster Requirements

I can't understand why these networks are not required to be stretched also for VCF 3.10.

And what about Uplink 1 (2711) and Uplink 2 (2712) in the Management Workload Domain?


Nils Kristiansen
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