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Upgrade VCF4.3 to VCF4.4

Why is it that every time we are upgrading VCF, things break and fall apart?

Before starting the upgrade, I performed the precheck which showed no issue.

I managed to apply the configuration and drift bundle and now wanted to continue with vRealize.

I ran the precheck again which showed an error for the SDDC Security Configuration. My FQDN or certificate was no longer ok.

We are using an internal Microsoft CA. Trying to edit the configuration presented an authentication error to the CA. I can however perfectly logon to the CA with those credentials and verified that there was a Template called VMware.

I then tried changing the configuration to use OpenSSL instead of the MS CA. This change was saved successfully. Next, I generated a CSR for the SDDC Manager and installed the certificate.

This failed because of a trust issues to the management vCenter which was still using a MS CA certificate. So I tried installing a new certificate on the vCenter, which off course failed as well.

Any ideas how to proceed here? I already logged a service request but would like to keep troubleshooting until they contact me.


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Better place to understand why it happening is to look at the logs . please check /var/log/vmware/vcf/operationmanager/operationmanager.log 

Thanks & Regards,

Mohammed Viquar Ahmed