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Have you heard about the VMware Validated Solutions...?

We have recently launched VMware Validated Solutions – a vetted portfolio of technical validated solutions focused on targeted use cases, designed to help customers build efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads deployed on VMware Cloud Foundation.

Each VMware Validated Solution is fully validated by expert VMware solution architects and can be deployed out of the box with VMware Cloud Foundation. Each solution includes detailed design with design decisions, implementation procedures, and, where applicable, automated steps using infrastructure-as-code using Terraform or PowerShell, and operational guidance. These solutions also include a Time-to-Deploy value that provides an estimated time to deploy the solution, helping VI admins and architects to plan and deploy the solution.

Access VMware Validated Solutions on core.vmware.com, corresponding Terraform code samples on GitHub, and install PowerValidatedSolutions PowerShell module from the PS Gallery to get started. You can access Frequently Asked Questions here.

We have another solution focusing on Site Protection and Disaster Recovery releasing in the next few weeks. 

Take these solutions for a test drive, let us know specific use cases of interest that we can focus on for validated solutions.

Ryan Johnson
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NO sure about your ask , yes heard about VMware Validated Solutions . 


untill VCF 4.2.x VMware used the blueprint of VVD i.e. VMware  Validated Design . From VCF 4.3 vmware has introduce and shifted the focus to streamline documentation for VCF . i.e. Vmware Validated Solutions. 


VMware Validated Design is Discontinued

VMware Validated Design has been discontinued after VMware Validated Design 6.2 and VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2. Starting with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3, the guidance for the SDDC components natively supported by the VMware Cloud Foundation automation is moved to the VMware Cloud Foundation documentation and the guidance for the solutions on top of VMware Cloud Foundation is now published under a new class of technical reference implementations called VMware Validated Solutions. You can find the VMware Validated Solutions documentation on The Cloud Platform Tech Zone and the VMware Cloud Foundation Documentation page.



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Mohammed Viquar Ahmed
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He's not asking about VVS, just ensuring the community is aware of it.  Thanks @tenthirtyam !

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