Failure while executing sddcmanager-migration - Upgrade - THIRD_PARTY

The SDDC update fails with the following:

Failure while executing sddcmanager-migration, Please look at /var/log/vmware/vcf/lcm/thirdparty/upgrades/0461829b-c81f-4610-b829-1525b60682ae/sddcmanager-migration-app/logs/sddcmanager_migration_app_upgrade.log

The only "Failures I find in it are the following

2021-02-16 12:47:41.590 INFO [,,,] 29655 --- [ool-2-thread-18] : Response Body:
2021-02-16 12:47:41.694 ERROR [,,,] 29655 --- [ool-2-thread-18] c.v.e.s.common.util.LocalProcessService : Local Command Failed with exit value 255.
Output Logs :
Error Logs are stored at LocalProcess ERROR: 2021-02-16 12:47:41 - ssh: Could not resolve hostname [FILL IN EDGE NODE NAME]: Temporary failure in name resolution

2021-02-16 12:47:41.696 ERROR [,,,] 29655 --- [ool-2-thread-18] c.v.e.s.o.model.error.ErrorFactory : [C18LL3] FAILED_TO_ADD_EDGE_NODE_SSH_KEY_TO_KNOWN_HOSTS Failed to add ssh key of edge node(s) to SDDC Manager appliance

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot


Please make sure your NSX-T Edge Nodes are resolvable in DNS. This is a new requirement in VCF 4.2 for both upgrades and new bring-ups.

Nils Kristiansen
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Had this issue updating 3rd party today on 4.2.1 upgrade.


as admin on NSXT Manager...


set search-domains 


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