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Error: Unable to Refresh Data from HANA Data Source in SAP Analytics Cloud

Hello community,

I'm encountering an issue with SAP Analytics Cloud, specifically related to refreshing data from our HANA data source. Whenever I attempt to refresh the data, I'm presented with an error message stating, "Data Refresh Failed: Unable to establish a connection to the data source."

Here are some additional details about the setup and steps I've taken:

  1. Data Source Configuration: I've configured the HANA data source within SAP Analytics Cloud using the appropriate connection details (host, port, credentials, etc.). The connection test was successful, and the data source status shows as "Connected."

  2. Manual Refresh Attempts: I have tried manually refreshing the data by clicking on the "Refresh" button within the data model. However, this consistently results in the aforementioned error message.

  3. Data Source Permissions: I have verified that the user account used to connect to the HANA data source has the necessary permissions and authorizations.

  4. Network Connectivity: There don't seem to be any network connectivity issues, as other applications can access the HANA database without any problems.

  5. No Recent Changes: There haven't been any recent changes made to the HANA data source or the SAP Analytics Cloud environment that could have caused this issue.

I would greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or troubleshooting steps to resolve this problem. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue with HANA data sources in SAP Analytics Cloud? How did you go about resolving it?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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