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Edge Cluster on Stretched Cluster

Hello Guys

In a VCF configuration with Stretched cluster, how many Edge Clusters are required as a minimum?

In datacenter A, the ASN of the ToR Switch is ASN 65101 and in datacenter B, The ASN is 65102

When I create the Edge Clusters with the configuration of Datacenter A with ASN 65101 they are created without problems with 2 edges that are required at least.

When I configure 4 Edge nodes, where I configure 2 edge for ASN 65101 they have no problems, but the 2 Edge for ASN 65102 that corresponds to the ASN of datacenter B, gives the error attached in the image

So I don't know if it is correct to create 4 Edge cluster, or with 2 it is correct.

It is necessary to create the two edges of datacenter B, if not necessary, what happens if Datacenter A goes down, as the edge node works, to exit through the ASN of Datacenter 2.

I appreciate your help, because I am doing a laboratory and it is not clear to me how it works in Stretched Cluster.

Thank you


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

The VCF design requires the edges in the edge cluster to be on AZ1 nodes using affinity rules, no edges are deployed onto AZ2 nodes, additional configuration is required to configure BGP peers with the TORs in AZ2.

This requires the uplink VLANs to be stretched between sites, this will ensure no asymmetric routing issues. 

To achieve this route maps  are configured with AS Path Prepend and Local preference to steer traffic through AZ1 during normal operating conditions, if AZ1 fails the edges will restart on AZ2.

Details of the design can be found here...


For the VI WLD alternative designs are possible depending on the requirement but may involve a manual edge deployment seen as SDDC manager workflow is based on the design detailed in the link provided.





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