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Doubt VRLCM Region

Hello Guys

I would like to ask for your help for clarification.

I am installing a VCF in my works for POC. I have already configured the platform, but I had a question regarding the VRLCM deploy

I would like to know what Region-A refers to

This is the local network that will be used for vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations Remote collector or cloud proxies

I am not clear what values should be entered in these fields that it asks for:

- Networks
- Subnet mask
- Default Gateway

In X-Region, Network asks me for an IP, and I don't know if this IP is that of VRLCM or what IP it is

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thank you

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Have you completed the Planning and prep workbook? If not, do that first.

Region-A is the same as Local Instance Segment.

X-Region is the same as Cross Instance Segment.

You can use the Reference Values or your own values.

Nils Kristiansen
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