Design decision reference doc?


Whilst VVDs were still a thing VMware published a spreadsheet that collated all the design decisions - I can't find something similar now things have changed to Design Guides and VVSs, is there one? I know the VVSs and Design Guides have a design decision appendix in them but for example for ESXi there's design decision info in both the Management and VI Design Guides and also in the IAM VVS (and possibly other places, I still need to look through all the VVSs...)

Also is there any update to the NIST Compliance Kit?

I need to document all design decisions for a VCF 4.3.1 deployment and most of these are driven by VMware guidance/mandates so having a full set of those in one location for reference would be helpful.

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Hi Mate,

This is the publicly available design document for 4.3.x . 

About VMware Cloud Foundation Design for the Management Domain

VMware has internal tool generate the design document for each customer and that's Purely INTERNAL . 

Thanks & Regards,

Mohammed Viquar Ahmed
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