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Deploying Edge Cluster Nodes on VCF 4.4.1 fails

I try to deploy the AVN edge cluster in my newly deployed VCF 4.4.1 SDDC in the management domain.

Unfortunately the deployment of the edge nodes fails with the following error:

Why is VCF using this deprecated field and how can I fix this to deploy the edge cluster?

Deploy NSX-T Data Center Edge Node VM 
Progress MessagesFailed to deploy NSX-T Edge sfo-m01-en01 on sfo-m01-nsx01.sfo.rainpole.io
 Failed to undo NSX-T Edge sfo-m01-en01 deployment on sfo-m01-nsx01.sfo.rainpole.io


Message: Failed to deploy NSX-T Edge sfo-m01-en01 on sfo-m01-nsx01.sfo.rainpole.io

Remediation Message:

Reference Token: I10APB


Type: com.vmware.vapi.std.errors.InvalidRequest

Message: InvalidRequest (com.vmware.vapi.std.errors.invalid_request) => { messages = [], data = struct => {error_message=[Fabric] Please use the fields in node_settings to edit edge configuration. The corresponding settings in deployment_config are used for deployment only and are deprecated 4fc008d3-c752-478c-92ec-9b6b180f3c94., httpStatus=BAD_REQUEST, error_code=16050, module_name=FABRIC}, errorType = INVALID_REQUEST }

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For anyone having the same problem:
It seems this was caused by applying the vCenter Async Patch to 7.0u3g. I reinstalled the whole environment, did not async patch the vCenter and now edge nodes are deploying successfully.
I assume the new vCenter version breaks deploying edge nodes.

I got exactly the same issue with NSX-T 3.1.9.
It took me quite a long to find out what is the problem.
Updating vCenter did not resolve the issue.

After checking logs(/var/log/syslog) I got information :

NSX 14551 FABRIC [nsx@6876 comp="nsx-manager" errorCode="MP16050" level="ERROR" reqId="91df5cab-cc06-4b00-b910-84d6ad625d55" subcomp="manager" username="admin"] Edge node f94ee3ee-0939-494c-b6c4-f969022c7fcd has 4 data networks. Only a maximum of 3 data networks is supported.

I checked the design guide for NSX-T 3.1. The NSX edge node with 4 uplinks has been supported since nsx-t ver. 3.2 .

As I used version 3.1.9 only 3 uplinks are supported.

I checked that VCF 4.4.1 is using NSX-T ver. so It could be the same issue.

Check the discussion for details: